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西班牙菜肴具有独特的风味,它融合了地中海和东方烹饪的精华,你完全可以通过这些菜中浓郁的橄榄油味和喷香的蒜茸味识别西班牙菜。最具有代表性的西班牙名点“派勒”就体现了这种特点:以橄榄油炒鱼类、贝类、蔬菜类,再和米饭一起煮熟。 在西班牙,午餐是一天中的主餐,西班牙人午休时间较长,人们通常都回家吃午饭。 最具有代表性的西班牙名菜PAELLE闻名于世:先用橄榄油把鱼类、贝类、蔬菜类炒过,再和米一起煮,等到米粒煮到松软为止,其风味绝佳 ,令人垂涎。 西班牙餐桌上的主角,有鳕鱼、虾、牡蛎等等等等,此外还有火腿、蜗牛、鸡、鸭、肉排。一些营养丰富的蔬菜、水果、粗粮也是西班人饮食结构中的重要组成部分;当然,还有各式各样精致美味的小甜点,去了那儿,一定要抵制住诱惑噢。 西班牙菜之所以受到欢迎,除了口味不一般以外,西班牙餐馆对就餐环境的精心布置也是一个重要的原因,这些餐馆总是能营造出一种温暖而随和的氛围,充满家庭气氛的桌布、赏心悦目的鲜花、恰当好处的摆设,在这样的餐馆中,即使只是坐着,也是一种享受吧。

Spanish food has a unique flavor, its integration of the Mediterranean and the East of the best cooking, you can adopt these dishes in rich olive oil and delicious flavor of the meat identification Suanrong Spanish dishes. Spain is the most representative of the "send Le" is a manifestation of this feature : olive oil fried fish, shellfish, vegetables category, and rice to cook together. In Spain, lunch is the main meal a day, Spaniards longer break, people usually go home to eat lunch. Most representative of Spain famous dish Paelle world : first in olive oil to fish, shellfish, vegetables such speculation over again and cream-colored common snipe newly attained magpie reconstruction instead revert back fans stockade construction stem V W misty drugs designed signing? , a pie. Spain's main table, cod, shrimp, oysters, etc., etc., in addition to ham, snails, chickens, ducks, Roupai. Some nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, coarse grains is spanish people eating an important part of the structure; Of course, there are all kinds of small things delicious dessert, go there, we must resist the temptation to live Oh. Spanish dishes are welcome, in addition to taste unusual, Spain restaurant on eating environment carefully layout is also an important reason for these restaurants always created a warm and amiable atmosphere, the family atmosphere of the tablecloths, pleasing flowers, the benefits of setting appropriate in such restaurants, even if only mentally, is a right now.